Micro-Marketing Package

Grow your audience and increase sales!

We can help you:

  • Capture customers' undivided attention with email messages

• Keep your website current, with fresh information, to build credibility

• Spread your message faster and increase marketing impressions

“We provide a high impact, bite-size marketing package, specially created for

start ups, small businesses and non-profits with a limited budget.”


Our micro-marketing package includes:

• A monthly content planning and strategy session

• A monthly e-newsletter with 1 featured article and up to 3 announcements

• A monthly blog post

• Twice weekly social media posts on one platform

*Optional add-ons are available

offered at $295/month or $795/quarter


Q: What’s the catch? Others are charging $700, $1,600 or even more for these monthly services.

A: As small business owners ourselves, we recognized that very few marketing services are available to companies with a small budget. We have developed a streamlined system to help our customers deliver their message through the channels of email, web, and social media to reach their audience.

Q: Who is this micro-marketing package for?

A: Generally speaking, this “bite-size” package is for startups, small business owners and non-profits with a limited marketing budget. If you’ve been meaning to send a monthly newsletter but just never seem to get around to it, this package is for you. If you’re not currently on social media or you struggle to post consistently, we would love to help.

Q: Can this package be customized?

A: We have several a la cart service options that can be added to the micro-marketing package, including account setup/clean up, transcription service to convert audio/video recordings for easy article writing, additional social media platforms, and a 10% discount on time blocks that can be used for requests not included in the micro-marketing package. If those add-ons aren’t what you’re looking for, we suggest purchasing a monthly retainer package to create a customized experience for your business.

Q: What is the time investment for customers?

A: We collaborate with our customers during regular content planning and strategy meetings to put together monthly articles and lists of upcoming events, sales, announcements and other valuable information they want to share with their audience. Our customers have the option of meeting with us for an hour each month, or up to 2-3 hours on a quarterly basis. We’ll send a content planning worksheet to the customer about a week prior to our meeting for them to start preparing and get their creative juices flowing! After the strategy meeting ends and a marketing plan is in place, the customer can make up to 1 change request per month without incurring additional fees.

Q: What are some things not included with this package?


Customer service support – email, web, and/or social media

• If your customers respond to the monthly newsletter, comment on a blog post, send an inquiry through your website, or comment or send a message on social media, you are responsible for responding to them.

Ongoing VA support after the content planning and strategy meeting

• Make up to 1 change request per month without incurring additional fees.

Website updates

• We will post the newsletter content to your blog. Any additional posts or updates are extra.

Special requests and support not included with the micro-marketing package.

• Take advantage of our optional add-ons or purchase time blocks or a monthly retainer package for more virtual assistant support.

Additional expenses, including software fees.