Building a Team


Building a Team

Until recently, I thought the best, simplest way for me to run my business was to do everything myself. Everything seemed to be going great…but it wasn’t. Without the support of a team, I was solely responsible for every single aspect of running my business. Some of these shortfalls might resonate with you, too: 

  • If I went on vacation or was off taking care of a sick child, I didn’t have anyone to back me up and serve my clients when I wasn’t available.
  • My ability to support my clients was directly limited to my own skillset. If they needed help in an area I wasn’t familiar with, I either needed to learn a new skill or refer them elsewhere.
  • I dedicated all of my working hours to serving my clients, but I wasn’t growing my own business. Besides, there was no more room for growth anyway – I was at capacity.

I’ll be completely honest with you. Hiring a team was scary! It required time and money that I just didn’t seem able to spend. I also worried about how incorporating new team members into the tight-knit relationships I had cultivated with my clients over the years would affect the ways we work together. Plus, the idea of delegating and cross training was daunting.
Thankfully, I didn’t let these fears stop me from making the changes that I knew I needed to make in order to start growing my business again. I made the investment anyway, and cleared space in my calendar to work with them. Delegation is a journey, and I’m very glad to be on it. This experience has given me a new appreciation for my clients, and everything they have given to me over the years.
This month, I’m celebrating my 6th year in business, and I know this will be a breakout year because I have a rockstar team supporting me! Please join me in welcoming them.