Not Feeling the Love on Facebook?


“How do we grow our following without paying Facebook?” I asked him again.

A few weeks ago I met a local social media expert for coffee. After exchanging information about each other’s businesses, I decided to take full advantage of his time and expertise, and learn more about how we could help our clients get better results on social media. Facebook has been particularly challenging, especially with its ever-changing algorithm. The expert told me his company estimates the organic reach on Facebook is as low as 6%.

“Facebook makes billions of dollars in advertising revenue,” he explained, and recommended that a business budget at least $100 per month for Facebook ads to gain any traction. When I asked for other ways our clients’ content could get a better reach on Facebook, he insisted paid advertising was the only way. I didn’t settle for that answer, and he finally offered some outside-the-box ideas:

1. Blogging – Algorithms aside, good content will always be king. Posting regularly on your blog not only keeps your website fresh, but it’s also one of the best ways to gain followers and connect with customers. Display your social media links on your website and blog so that followers can stay connected with you. 

2. Leverage your email signature – How many emails do you send in a day? A week? Use a little space to promote your social media pages! We recommend using a branded email signature for a professional, eye-catching look. (Shameless plug: our team can help you create this!)

You may be wondering, why even bother? Credibility. Your prospects will likely check out your social media feed before deciding to work with you or purchase your products. Remember, people do business with people, and social media is a great way for prospects to learn more about your business in a zero pressure way.

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your social media pages and blog, our Micro-Marketing package is an extremely cost-effective way to get back on track and stay consistent. Simply respond to this email if you’d like to talk with our team.

Cheering you on,

 Melissa and the Savvy CVA Team