Have you checked out?


I’m just checking on you…have you checked out? I wouldn’t blame you if you have. This time of year is notorious for never-ending to-do lists and all sorts of extra activities. There are lots of distractions that compel us to put our work and business on the back burner for a while.

Here’s another reason why we might check out this time of year. Perhaps you’re feeling like you’ve fallen short and are disappointed when you think back to the goals you set earlier this year. It’s tempting to forget all about them and start over in January when we’re feeling fresh.

For the last two months, I’ve been following Rachel Hollis’s #Last90Days Challenge. The idea of this movement is to focus on finishing the year with the same dedication as the beginning. Rather than winding down over these next 5 weeks, let’s stay the course and finish 2018 strong!

For the remainder of the working days of this year (I’ll be taking time off during Christmas break to recharge), I’m committing to doing the following:

  • Dedicating time every day to marketing and sales to keep my business moving forward. For a long time, I didn’t bother with these activities because I was at capacity with clients. When I got serious about growing my team and expanding our services, I was able to start growing my business again! I’ve been intentional about writing these newsletters, updating our website, and posting on social media regularly. (Hint: If you’re struggling with being consistent in your marketing efforts, check out our Micro-Marketing Package!)

  • Regular check-ins with my clients and team to help them (and me!) stay on track. Accountability is critically important, especially during a busy season. Many clients enjoy the benefit of our team keeping them focused and projects moving forward no matter what is going on around them.

  • Preparing to hit the ground running in January through goal setting and strategic planning activities. Like you, I’ve got so many things that I would like to do over the next year! To help me get clear on my goals and develop a plan to achieve them, I’ll be attending Jess Dennis’s event “Creating the Plan for Your Best Life & Business in 2019” on Tuesday, December 4th. Visit the link in her client spotlight for details and to purchase your ticket!

Staying plugged in,

Melissa and the Savvy CVA Team