When Everything Feels Hard


Can I be completely honest with you? Writing the article for this month’s newsletter was so hard for me. I didn’t feel inspired like I normally do, my family has been out of routine during the last two weeks, and frankly, I’ve been content doing the busy work of my business.

Based on the conversations I’ve had lately, I don’t think I’m alone. What happened to the energy from last month, when we were excited about our goals for the end of this year? Maybe it’s the changing weather, the start of cold and flu season, or we’ve reached that inevitable point in every project where the momentum slows down. Regardless of how we’re feeling, we need to press on. Motivation comes from action, and I’d love to share some tips that can help us keep moving forward.

1. Manage your energy. When we have the candle lit at both ends and in the middle, we will burn out in a hurry! During periods of overwhelm, it’s critical for us to renew our energy every day. For me, this means going to bed earlier than normal and getting more sleep. Drinking enough water (half your body weight in ounces) is important as well. Exercise, fresh air, and healthy foods are also great for maximizing your energy. Yes, you’ve heard these before, but a little reminder doesn’t hurt! Want a fun suggestion? Create an energizing playlist to keep you motivated at work.

2. Ask for help. If you’ve been reading our newsletters, you know that having a team is relatively new for me. Lately I’ve been focused on discovering my “zone of genius,” which is the work I do best and enjoy the most. I’m also learning my team’s zone of genius and working to keep them focused on those areas as much as possible. To keep the ball rolling, delegate everything you can. (Hint: If you don’t know what to delegate or even where to start, our Delegation Planner is here to help.) I’d also like to add that the accountability that comes with collaboration is invaluable for getting things done!

3. Stay the course. These are the words I tell myself when I feel like quitting. Follow the plan, stay on task, keep on schedule – stay the course. I’m a big fan of Mel Robbins’s book “The Five Second Rule.” If you’re not familiar with the concept, you can search YouTube for a quick overview. Basically, our brains can talk us out of doing something very quickly. Robbins suggests counting down, “5-4-3-2-1,” to stop this process and launch ourselves like a rocket ship to take the action we know we need to take. Write the article, make the phone call, record the video…whatever task is right in front of you, do it before you can talk yourself out of it.

Remember, we’re in this together. When everything feels hard, let’s make the adjustments we need to, and keep moving forward.

Staying the course,

Melissa and the Savvy CVA Team